As a child I was always observing the people around me which later led to being very in tune with other’s emotions. I constantly found myself lost in vivid daydreams with the help of my wild imagination. After a boring day of school, I would often come home and find true belonging in the various creative outlets I chose to express myself with. I would get lost in a book or connect with nature as I explored the woods around our home. I wrote poems, songs and short stories. 

Over the years I’ve flitted between various forms of art and expression and finally discovered a love for photography. I became inspired by documenting the emotions felt between couples and family members as well as the moments and milestones they shared together. Photography has become a place where I can express my creativity, connect with my clients and tell their story with every satisfying click of my camera shutter. 

About me.

Hey there! I'm Kate

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I grew up in the country.

My happy place is hiking in the woods.

I have a Life and Wellness Coach Certification.

I secretly dream about what it would be like if Hogwarts were real.

I almost always cry during sad parts in movies. I can't help it!

I recently saw 6-7 bobcats UP CLOSE by my window in broad daylight and forgot to hit record. 

I grew up knowing my husband, Zach, in the small town of Centerville, IA. We dated in Junior High, broke up, and then reconnected the summer of 2013. A few days after getting back together we fell crazy in love and knew that we belonged together. We connected through our creativity and love for playing music (him: guitar, me: singing) and later we played in the Zach Daniels Band for 5 years together.

We have a long-haired calico kitty named Emma who has been with us since 2014! She is very needy but extremely well behaved and incredibly cuddly. Literally the perfect cat! 

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