In Home Newborn Session

This weekend I got to capture a very special little guy! Wesley was in NICU for about 3.5 weeks before we were able to capture his adorable little personality in this in home newborn session.

His fuzzy hair is about the cutest thing I’ve seen since our adorable fur baby, Emma, was a wee little kitten. I LOVE fuzzy things!

Even though Wesley was off to a tough start, he is SO loved by his wonderful parents and older brother.

Welcome to the world, Wesley!!

Wesley’s big brother, Walter, was SO proud to be holding him! He kept giggling at his younger brother!

Liz and Walter love to cook together, so it was her idea to capture them mixing something with their newest member!

This could be a new tradition!

I loved smooshed baby faces! Kills me 🙂

It’s so important to capture sentimental items that were given or made for your little one when they’re born. Because when they fall apart and don’t last, the memory of the image will!

The blanket above was given to Wesley and his family when they were in NICU.

Literally THIS (the above photo) is why I capture lifestyle newborn photos. I cracked up so much when Wesley posed himself like this!!

It’s as if he’s saying, “Look how strong I am NOW Mom and Dad!”

All the boys hangin’ out! Walter was very careful to be gentle with Wesley!

Beard tickles and kisses from dad!

While they were in NICU, Walter got a very special teddy bear as he patiently waited for his little brother to get strong!

This photo just melts my heart. Wesley is looking right into Daddy’s eyes!

Walter is just beaming in this one!

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

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