Family Photos With a Special Surprise

Stenberg Family

A family session personalized with an intimate pregnancy reveal, enjoying suckers & running bases at the baseball field

Family Photos - An extra special session

I got the opportunity to photograph a family photo session for the Stenbergs that involved a special surprise!

Sessions like this are exactly what I mean when I say to personalize your family photos! Really think outside the box and dare to be different from everyone else!

Because when you break away from the mold, you experience something truly special and unique to just you.

This beautiful family started their session capturing all the classic images to update their family albums. But little did Mia know, mom and dad were itching to spill a secret!

I got to document the moment Mia found out that her baby brother or sister is growing in her mommy’s tummy. She was so excited and very eager to feel her mom’s bump and to hear that she will become an older sister! It was such a beautiful moment and they get to cherish that forever!

After that exciting news, we headed to the baseball field where Tony (dad) coaches baseball. Mia often hangs out with her dad there and they thought it would be the perfect way to capture their family.

So we stepped onto the field, Mia popped in a sucker and they had fun laughing and running bases. Mia took it upon herself to run around, hands in the air as carefree as a bird. They are some of my favorite shots!

Chasing each other around the bases was the perfect way to celebrate the news. I’m so happy for the Stenberg family and can’t wait to watch their family grow!

Family Photo Portraits

I give all my clients the opportunity to make their sessions unique. I do so by sending a questionnaire to spark some creative juices of what you could do for your session, then allow you the freedom to tell me any ideas that would be special to your family.

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