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A family session personalized with…

baking and enjoying cookies, running around the house, petting pooches, frolicking in fields, building sand castles, and splashing in the water

Family Date Night session at Big Creek State Park

The Wright’s spent their family date night doing all kinds of fun family activities! Their son was more of an explorer and less interested in taking photos and, parents, that’s TOTALLY ok!!!

The purpose of these date night sessions is to bring you all closer together and to remember what each family member was like at that moment in time!

This little guy, wanted to run, explore, smell flowers, make and eat cookies, read books, build sand castles with as many toys as possible and play in the water! He was livin’ it UP in this session!

Now, the Wright family enjoyed several activities during their session, including being in their home. Keep in mind that this kind of variety is only possible if you choose a 2 hour session!

With that said, they started their date night off with making cookies and taste testing some cookie dough! Once they were done, they threw the cookies in the oven and scooted on over to the living room to run around and burn off some energy before consuming all the sugary goodness!

As they waited for the cookies to cool, mom and dad read Jaxtyn a couple of books he picked out. The first one read by dad was about the band KISS. This was SO adorable because Erek (dad) used to be in a KISS tribute band. Of course, it’s only fitting that his child be well educated about the band! Jaxtyn was naming band members and making the iconic KISS face and I loved every minute of it!

Next up, mom read an adorable story to him as well, and then he took a moment to look at the book solo. After petting one of their adorable pooches it was FINALLY time to eat the cookies! Jaxtyn loved them so much that I caught mom and dad helping him lick the plate clean!

After that, the Wrights changed clothes and we all headed off to Big Creek State Park! We found a gorgeous field to run around in; with deer poop courtsey of mother nature. Jaxtyn picked some flowers and gave some to mom and dad after smelling them! Even mom and dad got a few photos all to themselves 🙂

Then we headed to the beach where Jaxtyn was ALL about gettin’ dirty and playing in the sand. Mom and dad helped build a sand castle and they got to splash around in the water.

This was truly such a FUN session! So fun, that I got pulled over for speeding on my way out of the park because I was reminiscing about how flippin’ awesome these photos were going to look. Keep scrolling to see for yourself!

(Don’t worry, I just got a warning! What can I say? I’m a rebel.)

Wondering where she got that dress?–> Baltic Born

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