My Family

I figured it was time to share my family with you all! I’m married to my best friend, Zach and we have 1 fluffy kitty named Emma. We recently got photos done by KMP Photography so I also wanted an excuse to share some of my favorites in this post!!


Zach and I grew up in the same hometown of Centerville, IA. We dated in Junior High, broke up, but fortunately reconnected the summer of 2013. In August 2018 we got married which would make this year our 5 year anniversary! We fell in love by connecting through our creativity and love for playing music. He played the guitar, I played the piano and sang. Later on we played in the Zach Daniels Band for 6 years together.

We love watching movies together, cooking, chatting about our hopes and dreams on walks, biking, hiking, kayaking, playing games/partaking in game nights, jamming to tunes and nerding out over photography.

I’m incredibly blessed to have this man by my side. He was actually the one that inspired and taught me to become a photographer!


We rescued Emma 9 years ago and she has been the best cat I have ever known. She is very needy and often demands snuggles that result in putting her whiskers directly in your face whether you like it or not. She simply NEEDS to be as close as possible.

So, this is my little family!

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