Liv’s 1 Year Milestone

with the wildflowers

It was very special getting to document Liv’s 1 year milestone with all the beautiful wildflowers! This is one of my favorite types of scenery to photograph with! Kids love smelling the flowers, picking them, and watching bees busy at work!

From belly to crib to crawling and standing; I’ve witnessed it all for little Olivia! At 12 months, she enjoyed tickles from her family, cuddles, investigating flowers and most of all…the rocks! I snagged a few photos of her chillin’ in the rocks and finding her favorite ones.

When I asked Sage what he had been up to this summer he said he was busy loosing 5 teeth as he eagerly showed me a toothy grin! I forget how fun it was to loose teeth as a kid! He also showed off some wicked cool sunglasses that he looked pretty cool in.

I just love how fun and carefree this whole family is!

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