September 2022 Maine Adventure

We usually try and visit my sister in Maine once or twice a year and I had so much fun documenting this trip. She manages the Gorman Chairback Lodge out in the woods! It’s very off grid and a great way to unplug because there’s hardly any service! We decided last year to drive instead of fly to Maine! It was definitely an adventure, but I have to say that I prefer flying! T

We did have the chance to stop at Niagara Falls which you’ll see first. It was SO misty there and at one point we got quite wet! But it was cool getting to see just how big the falls were in person.

Then when we finally made it to Maine, we enjoyed going on hikes. My favorite part, for some reason, was finding all the cool little mushrooms on the forest floor and documenting then! They are all so unique and I quickly became obsessed. Again, I’m not sure why I became so in love with mushrooms but it just happened on that trip! 

The mountain scenery and waterfalls along the way are always so breathtaking. Definitely worth the huffing and puffing along the way as we hiked. Although, I do think I majorly overworked my muscles and regretted it later! 

I also took photos of my sister, Chelsea and her boyfriend, Chris. They are the cutest couple and we always enjoy hearing about all their adventures together in the woods. 

On one hike, Chris climbed across a fallen log and scared Chelsea and I half to death. Thankfully survived , but we were quite stressed out until he got to safety again! Then we had to cross some VERY cold water barefoot to finish the trail back. You’ll see my husband, Zach crossing the water holding his shoes! And at that sane moment, I looked up and saw the COOLEST rainbow and smeared clouds. It was so beautiful and I’m so glad I had my camera to document it!

We also enjoy canoeing with Chelsea and Chris when we go. Zach tried fly fishing and actually got the hang of it pretty well! 

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